Oil And Gas Consulting Specialties

The following are just some of the oil and gas industries we serve:

Exploration and Production (E&P)

The United States is producing more oil and gas than ever before due largely to tapping into the country’s tremendous shale oil and gas reserves. Greater offshore exploration in the outer continental shelf is also on its way.

These trends represent enormous opportunities — widespread impact of lower energy costs and the export potential of liquefied natural gas and crude oil. They also present challenges — regulatory and policy issues and renewed competition between natural gas and oil. The oil and gas consultants at ARC Energy Global have unparalleled experience at the forefront of energy policy and industry operations. We have the economic, financial, and regulatory expertise and resources to help energy companies tackle challenges and take full advantage of opportunities throughout the energy supply chain.

Upstream Oil And Gas Consulting

The global upstream business has been enduring its most trialing environment for over a decade. The oil price decline in 2014 placed extreme pressure on the viability of new developments and returns from production operations.

But the new business environment has also created new opportunities for oil and gas companies. Our consultants help position your organization for success to exploit lower operating costs and project breakevens, increased accessibility of exploration acreage, and the reduction in competition for merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities.

Midstream Oil And Gas Consulting

Energy Consulting collaborates with midstream energy clients and policymakers worldwide to size and rank markets, develop resilient strategic plans, negotiate transactions and extract value from in-house data. We apply deep industry experience, detailed databases and advanced analytics to your most critical challenges so you can:

• Gather insight into market fundamentals and key change catalysts
• Achieve an integrated process across fuels, industries, and locations
• Respond to early inflection warnings and deviations from past trends
• Develop robust strategy alternatives to manage sudden changes

Well Testing

ARC Energy Global provides safe, customized, and dependable well testing and blowout flow control for the oil and gas industry — both onshore and offshore applications. With well-designed energy equipment and innovative technology, we deliver complete well testing solutions and effective operations in all testing environments.

Our processes reduce project costs, while minimizing waste and associated disposal liabilities, to produce a cleaner environment. By operating under strict QA/QC procedures and documenting maintenance history on our ARC Energy Equipment, we ensure high performance standards and customer satisfaction.

Offshore Consulting

The offshore consulting services ARC Energy Global provides include: metocean criteria, wave loading, wave-in-deck loading, dispersion modelling, explosion risk analysis, numerical modelling, general computational fluid dynamics, running experimental campaigns and leading Joint Industry Projects (JIPs).


Our petrochemical consulting provides energy companies with asset management services through the design, construction, commissioning, and operational phases of their facilities.
Our expertise in metallurgy, structural analysis, stress analysis, fracture mechanics, welding, corrosion, heat transfer, nondestructive examination, safety, risk analysis, reliability centered maintenance, and financial risk/economic analysis ensures that your decisions are based on the most reliable evaluations available.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our industry-leading consulting services for your oil and gas projects, fill out the form below or get in touch with the ARC Energy Global consultants today.