No matter what type of engineering contractors or engineering consulting your job requires, ARC Energy Global has the knowledgeable and skilled personnel to meet your needs.

Through partnerships within the enterprise, AEG is able to provide the following engineering consulting services:

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies
  • Technology selection
  • Conceptual engineering
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design) packages
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Facility performance evaluation and plant troubleshooting
  • Process optimization and value engineering studies
  • Facility and Site Surveys
  • Equipment Evaluation and Verification
  • As-built Documentation

About Our Engineering Consulting Firm

At AEG, our engineering consultants turn oil and gas clients’ visions into reality by providing value-added engineering solutions. At our engineering consulting firm, we place an emphasis on sustainability in all aspects of our designs and are committed to the use of advanced technologies. We specialize in complex projects of all sizes, where innovative solutions are key to the projects’ success.

Our passion for problem solving drives creativity and innovation, creating bold engineering solutions for oil and gas companies nationwide. We inspire powerful minds by embracing a global mindset, diversity, and training to build skills that build efficiency and stretch the imagination.

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